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Domestic Violence Agency Seeks to Build a Safehouse/ Two-Lifestyles, Inc.

“Ashley, your memory continues to live on within the hearts of those you have touched with your life. Never forgotten, you are our driving inspiration behind our vision to build a place of refuge, to provide a safe haven for so many that are still in shackles. In honor of you, we aspire to build Ashley’s Safe House.” 3/25/2015

Ashley’s Safehouse Link

Dear readers, on behalf of my mentor, La Toyia Conway-Hampton, CEO at Two-Lifestyles, Inc., I invite and encourage you to support our Ashley’s Safe House Fund. The project is dedicated to a beloved young lady that is very dear to the heart of the Two-Lifestyles team, Ashley Glick, our fallen butterfly. Ashley is fondly remembered for her gentle nature, her immense courage, and her zealous pursuit in her endeavor to escape her abuser. It is with great sorrow that this aspiring young lady’s life was tragically cut short.

Ashley, like so many victims of Domestic Violence, ultimately stayed with her abuser, because she had nowhere else to go. Statistics show that one in four women suffer domestic abuse within their lifetime. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, income, age and religious back ground. It could be your sister, your brother, your neighbor, a teacher, a coworker… One in four women… One in seven men… Please, help my mentor, and dear friend’s vision become a reality! Help us to provide a place of refuge, a safe haven for those that are still in shackles that are seeking escape. Be a contributor to the construction of Ashley’s Safe House! All donations for the cause are deeply appreciated!

The Two-Lifestyles agency is located at 1224 E. Avenue S Ste. C Palmdale, California 93550. To contribute to Ashley’s Safe House Fund, please contact my mentor, La Toyia by email at latoyia@twolifestyles.com, or call her at 661-402-3076 ext 111. You can also donate to Ashley’s Safe House Fund directly by clicking the link below.

Ashley’s Safehouse Donation Link

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