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Calling All Domestic Violence Survivors to Unite!

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Dear readers, on behalf of my mentors, and dear friends at Two-Lifestyles, Inc., I invite you to join us for this year’s 3rd Annual D*ASH walk on APRIL 14th, 2018 in Palmdale, CA.  This event is named after two special ladies who are very dear to the heart of the Two-Lifestyles team, the ‘D’ representing Denise Battey, and ‘ASH’ representing Ashley Glick, our fallen butterfly.  These beloved ladies lost their lives to horrific crimes, one to Sexual Assault, and the other to Domestic Violence.   In honor of them, we vowed to keep their memories alive by educating, and bringing awareness of Domestic Abuse to our communities.

Often, victims of Domestic Violence stay with their abusers, because they have nowhere else to go.  The money Two-Lifestyles obtains from this event shall be utilized to build Ashley’s Safe House, a house built in, Ashley’s honor to provide a place of refuge, a safe haven for those that are still in shackles seeking escape.  There is hope, there is tomorrow, and you do have a future.  Let us march together in unity!  Let your story inspire others!  Let our numbers instill courage!  Let your voice be heard, and remind others that they, too have a voice!  Will you join me?  Let us break the shackles of domestic abuse together my friends!

For more information on how to be a part of this amazing event, please contact my mentor, Adrianne by email at, or call her at 661-402-3076 ext 102.  The two Lifestyles agency is located at 1224 E. Avenue S Ste. B Palmdale, California 93550.



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