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You are Someone’s Reason

To the person reading this, right now, at this at this very moment,

I wish to convey to you just how amazing you are.  You are deeply loved and treasured.

I assure you that you are needed by so many, that you are indeed valuable, a priceless gem.

You are a true blessing, and inspire countless individuals that you are not even aware of.

Your story impacts others whom you cannot even touch, nor see.

I wish to convey that you are someone’s inspiration to arise each morning to face the day, and brace Life’s storms.

Your story is someone’s reason to finally be able to believe in themselves once again.

You are someone’s reason to be able to smile once again.

Your story can significantly alter someone’s life that you haven’t yet even met.

Your story can rekindle someone’s ashes, to alight their fire, to inspire them to chase their dreams.

You are amazing just the way you are.  I implore you to never hide your light, for you are someone’s reason.

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